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Lacuna Coil Sucks.

And here's proof:

That ugly massive creature with the white mask is Jim Root, guitarist and MEMBER NUMBER 4 LOLZ from Slipknot, and that tiny fat shit-colored beast of a woman is Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. How do people convince themselves that shes attractive? Anyway, these two have been fucking for like two years now, and they just recently went public with the news that they've been fucking for two years now. So thats why Lacuna Coil sounds like shit!

Isn't that an awful picture? I mean my god, they look so out of place together. Hes this giant creepy child-molester-esque white guy, and shes this tiny fat talentless Italian closet-goth. And y'know... To be honest, she looks a little chunky there. Without all that make up on or high heels she seems kinda Mexican-cleaning-lady-ish to me.

Just thought I'd share, since everyone loves to bash on Angela Gossow and then turn around and consider Ms. Scabies the hottest thing since freshly shaved pussies.

By the way, after seeing Arch Enemy live, and seeing Angela up close... I'd hit that.
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How fucking dare you insult two great musicians from Lacuna Coil and Slipknot. If you don't fucking like them then say so but going around bitching and ranting about there looks and music is just really fucking sick and low. You know I don't even know you and I already wish you were fucking dead you sorry as piece of shit you're nothing more than and cock sucking cunt whore and I hope you get raped in some dark alleyway. You're nothing more than a sorry ass piece of shit whose not even fit to come out of someone's ass I hope you burn in hell and someone pisses on your grave.
Dude... I really mean to tell you this: DO YOU REALLY CALL YOUR SELF A METALHEAD?!?!?! More like a BritneyHead or a bitch head...
You suck.
And here's proof:
1. You blame their music on their relationship. Would you be so kind as to explain what effect fucking someone has on their music.
2. Kay, if she's fat I'ma shave my head and call myself Princess Pipiripi.
3. Kay... if she looks Mexican where did she hide her red-ish skin, black hair (which happens to have been dyed IN REAL FUCKIN LIFE) and her small nose (Which happens to be kinda big for a mexican), lamebrain.
5. Yes, she is talentless. Compered to Tarja formerly of Nightwish, yeah she is. Oh and do compere Amy Lee from Evanesence, or however you spell their name, to Tarja. Yeah I though so. TARJA IS FUCKING OPERA MATERIAL.

Thank you for being with me, while I proved that shithead who made the post a total bitch.
Now go listen to your death metal (where it's kinda hard to set talent apart from growling.) and next time you try to prove a musician bad think of this: Can I do that better than them?
Yeah I thought so. You couldn't, even if metal's existence depended on it.

P.S. Idiot.
dude first of all you know nothing about music and stop insulting other bands just because your band didn't make a record deal and truth be told you suck. Ohhhh Boooo Hoooo. hold on dude get some Kleenex to wipe the shit falling from your eyes. Seriously get a fuckin life you low life loser of an absolute waste of shit. As a matter of fact people like you shouldn't be alive because you are breathing the air and polluting it for the rest of us. As far as Lacuna Coil is concerned they Rock. Again I feel bad for you man because your insulting other people trying to boost up your own moral. Maybe your just a piece of white fuckin trash that grew up with his mom wearing a wife beater somewhere in the south?



October 13 2008, 17:39:19 UTC 9 years ago

Hey, you, if Lacuna Coil sucks so much, why did there song "Closer" make it onto GH3??!! did you get your tastebuds shaved off er sumthin?! jeez if you think there so horrible than don't listen to them or anything!



October 15 2008, 17:23:37 UTC 9 years ago

Flaca te dicen envidiosa, dejate de joder XD


October 16 2008, 09:50:03 UTC 9 years ago

yes, because everyone has to weigh 90 pounds to be attractive. go eat a dick.
you a fucking idiot
hopw can you say the band is shit because who someone is fucking??
you a fucking cock sucker - and a racist asshole

she is hot your a cock

i agree with the other guy - you rate a band on what the members do and not the music - you have the musical maturity of a school girl

eat shit and die


October 18 2008, 04:02:09 UTC 9 years ago

You fecking suck you cocksucker!!!!


October 18 2008, 04:04:33 UTC 9 years ago

you are a fucking cocksucker! and need to shut you face!


October 19 2008, 09:16:56 UTC 9 years ago

Whoever posted this is a fuckin ignorant bitch who is jealous of lacuna coil and slipknot's success. and a racist bitch. word of advice, go back to your little whole and jack off to your mother's picture, you sick fuck.
You jealous little Motherfucker!!! How the fuck dare you insult them just cuz they're fucking Dating!! oh yeahhhhhhh, You just like to insult people who are better than you and who are more successful. Go ahead, try and do better! I FUCKING DARE YOU! Hell, I bet your a fucking GEEK who is fucking jealous cuz you can't get a girlfriend, and that you can't sing! GET SOME SENSE INTO YOUR THICK SKULL! You fucking Self-Centered, pea-brained, Donkey-fucking son of a bitch!! Go suck a dick And choke on it Then die!!!



November 12 2008, 03:59:45 UTC 9 years ago

That's fucking hilarious, I love how you worded every bit...Not saying I agree just that damn that was a good rant...lol! Thanks for the entertainment!



November 22 2008, 02:45:55 UTC 9 years ago

maliiisiimo yo creo que es una muuy buena cantanteee y me encantan sus videos.. slipknot igual me gusta y no creo que este mal que esten juntos..ademas que les calienta a ustedes!!!



November 23 2008, 04:26:20 UTC 9 years ago

wow people are so immature

Re: ....


9 years ago

Re: nasna


9 years ago


December 7 2008, 22:29:17 UTC 9 years ago

Wow sum ppl are jealous of not being able to get laid or have talent....
and they have and get alot of both!
unlike poor fuckers
I'm not saying I don't agree with you for talking shit about Slipnot and Lacuna Coil (both bands are from the kinds of genres I can't stand, they definitely suck), but you're talking against us Italians too. So WTF?!

Everyone knows our SPLENDID cuisine can easily beat your shitty American cuisine, if it even IS real cuisine: Frozen chicken nuggets for breakfast, Cheetos or any other chips for lunch, and cheeseburgers for dinner?! No wonder there're more obese citizens than overweight citizens in America. Fatasses.

Italian/white women are fucking hot, unlike those dark brown-skinned wetback beaners. Calling an Italian woman a "Mexican" baffles me and makes me ROFL through such bullshit.

Also, I oughta shove my foot up your damn ass just for exising after saying all of that against my people. Siete un idiota.

Tutti adorano Mussolini e Hitler!!!

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Okay, first of all, I LOVE Lacuna Coil, they do sound great, and I like Slipknot kind of...but it's not because of the people, it's because of the music. Noise. Whatever you wanna call it. I'd sooner buy there shit than some barely understandable blatherings from Mr.Filth.
No, Cristina is not fat...you must be jerking off on a regular basis and be the only proof that constant wanking is likely to make you go blind. To slate Lacuna Coil simply for the way one individual looks is pretty frikkin shallow, not to mention totally unrealistic, which kind of goes with the whole "she's fat" thing. I don't mind you not liking Lacuna Coil - each to their own after all - but I do mind when you're view on exactly WHY you think they suck is pretty much narrowed down to the way Cristina appears in your f*cked up vision.
If Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia is shit, then how come she sang with Mustaine when the man himself wanted to do a 'new' version of A Tout La Monde on their United Abominations album? I don't think it's Dave's best song, I didn't like the original but the new version was much more improved. And I don't think Megadeth suck, they are part of the metal culture, along with some of the other older bands out there.
So if you're going to slate a band for being shit, at least come up with some REAL reasons, rather than pointless fake reasons? And well done for pissin off the Italians. Smart move. Alice Cooper would probably say you were Stoopid. Me I think you're a bit delusional...and that's an understatement.
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