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Theme Idea

As an idea for our next theme... I'm basically stealing Tina's idea for the last theme in metal_community (which was cool) and corrupting it.

Make a mix CD (80 minutes or less of material) of metal songs meant to be offensive or defiant towards people within the metal scene whom you don't like. If you're feeling ambitious, make artwork and upload the songs ( is pretty good for this). The titles/lyrics don't necessarily have to actually say something like "fuck death metal" or "goth metal is gay" or "Opeth sucks" or whatever; if the theme of your mix was "Old-School > New-School" (which might end up being mine), you could simply use a bunch of songs that demonstrate the awesomeness of old-school and would presumably irritate kids who think Meshuggah invented metal (I like Meshuggah actually, that's just an example).
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