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Lacuna Coil Sucks.

And here's proof:

That ugly massive creature with the white mask is Jim Root, guitarist and MEMBER NUMBER 4 LOLZ from Slipknot, and that tiny fat shit-colored beast of a woman is Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. How do people convince themselves that shes attractive? Anyway, these two have been fucking for like two years now, and they just recently went public with the news that they've been fucking for two years now. So thats why Lacuna Coil sounds like shit!

Isn't that an awful picture? I mean my god, they look so out of place together. Hes this giant creepy child-molester-esque white guy, and shes this tiny fat talentless Italian closet-goth. And y'know... To be honest, she looks a little chunky there. Without all that make up on or high heels she seems kinda Mexican-cleaning-lady-ish to me.

Just thought I'd share, since everyone loves to bash on Angela Gossow and then turn around and consider Ms. Scabies the hottest thing since freshly shaved pussies.

By the way, after seeing Arch Enemy live, and seeing Angela up close... I'd hit that.
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i_ambivalence wrote:

"By the way, after seeing Arch Enemy live, and seeing Angela up close... I'd hit that."

Sounds like a great way to catch syphilis.

You asshole


May 1 2010, 02:34:08 UTC 7 years ago

Dude, if you think a band or singer 'sucks', then don't announce it publicly. I bet YOU can't even sing OR play and instrument. To me, they make an attractive couple. If you don't think so, then shut the fuck up, bite your tongue or do something, cuz I bet you are just jealous that they are having a great life and you are not. And I like how you see a woman up close and you want to fuck her. Nice going. Life isn't just about sex. If you want to yell at me, fine, cuz I am right. Get on with your life, if you have one, and keep insults to yourself... Dumbass.
Ho messo piede in culo te.


May 2 2010, 00:35:28 UTC 7 years ago

You are a Fuckin' Idiot... with no life, none the less!!!
Opinions are well...less than desired in many cases. However the opinion that Cristina Scabbia is "Talentless" is completely unrealistic and false. And the only proof I need of this is simple:

Lacuna Coil released in 1998
In A Reverie released in 1999
Half Life released in 2000
Unleashed Memories in 2001
Comalies in 2002
Karmacode in 2006
Shallow Life in 2009

7 albums plus singles release within a 10 year span. Plus countless tours and sold out venues. OBVIOUSLY they do have talent and people DO enjoy the music. Just because you think they suck doesn't mean they actually do. Besides, if they suck that bad then how much worse could you do. I bet you wouldn't have a fraction of the business, musical, OR theatrical intellect to pull off a fraction of what any major band does. I say that with all intent of presenting the question of "IF you could, why haven't you?"

And finally, who the hell is anyone to judge people when they themselves haven't been judged?
OK, I have seen many other insults of Slipknot or any of my favourite bands, but this is just pissed me off. I am a very dedicated Slipknot fan and I like a bit of Lacuna Coil. I think they are very cute togetherand you thnk it's wrong just because they don't look perfect?
Nobody's perfect but you are a complete cockup. I hope you burn in hell, you mother-fucking, shitty, racist, heartless geeky cunt.
Sei proprio bocchinaro, sai? Va a morire ammazzato.

Shoot yourself.


June 21 2010, 06:57:05 UTC 7 years ago

thats bullshit mother fucker. u racist son of a bitch what the hell is ur problem im hispanic dumb as red neck


July 17 2010, 22:03:28 UTC 7 years ago

Dear Mr. Cuckold,

When was the last time that you had the fuckin' living shit beat right out of you? I have a sneaking suspicion that if done correctly it would do you a world of good.

Gino Aiello

So because she goes out with a member of a nu metal band, she's talentless? I'm not a fan of Lacuna Coil or Slipknot (but I am of Stone Sour, another band Jim plays in), but they are both definitely talented.

Cristina Scabbia is very attractive and talented. So she dates a "poseur" and she's Italian. My next door neighbours are Italian you racist cunt. What. A. Fucking. Cretin.

P.S. I only agree with you on Angela Gossow being hot.
You Fucking Retard how can you say slipknot is shit and jim looks like a pedo are you tone death???



November 25 2010, 02:53:03 UTC 6 years ago

I don't like Lacuna Coil or this Scabbia chick. But I love Slipknot and Good Ol' Jimmy Root. They just don't look right together. Why, just a month ago, I had a dream I was fucking Jim in a store xD.

But yeah, if Jim likes Fat,Ugly Italians (Italians...Wtf);then who are we to bitch about it?

I still disapprove of this relationship.
For some reason what you don't seem to understand is that. Fantasies are as close as you will ever get to finding anyone dumb enough to fuck you.. Run along now and suffer in silence, bitch. :)



November 25 2010, 02:58:17 UTC 6 years ago

You all bash him and talk shit because he has an opinion and he's not afraid to share it. Shame on you all.


December 27 2010, 02:03:32 UTC 6 years ago

genius,at last somebody reach my view about those Italian suckers.To people who defend Scabbia,of course and we judge her of her looks because that's all she is got and promote all these years.Lacuna coil ISN'T music and has nothing to do about music.Lacuna coil is endless scabbia photo shootings in gothic clothing and dump 15 years old kids tell how much cool is that.Well, I got you some news weirdo:IT ISN'T!
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