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Lacuna Coil Sucks.

And here's proof:

That ugly massive creature with the white mask is Jim Root, guitarist and MEMBER NUMBER 4 LOLZ from Slipknot, and that tiny fat shit-colored beast of a woman is Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. How do people convince themselves that shes attractive? Anyway, these two have been fucking for like two years now, and they just recently went public with the news that they've been fucking for two years now. So thats why Lacuna Coil sounds like shit!

Isn't that an awful picture? I mean my god, they look so out of place together. Hes this giant creepy child-molester-esque white guy, and shes this tiny fat talentless Italian closet-goth. And y'know... To be honest, she looks a little chunky there. Without all that make up on or high heels she seems kinda Mexican-cleaning-lady-ish to me.

Just thought I'd share, since everyone loves to bash on Angela Gossow and then turn around and consider Ms. Scabies the hottest thing since freshly shaved pussies.

By the way, after seeing Arch Enemy live, and seeing Angela up close... I'd hit that.
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December 8 2009, 13:11:10 UTC 7 years ago

its not right to be prejuduce i used to think listening to slipknot that they had no sweet side but now i know jim does this teaches all of us something:DONT TALK SHIT
P.S:IM MEXICAN!!!!!!!!!!!



December 26 2009, 20:04:33 UTC 7 years ago

Hi!I'm italian and i met cristina in milan few years ago...yes,she's not hot and beautiful as she looks in the pictures.She's tiny,plump and has a very big nose.She also acts like a diva!I really don't like her but i don't hate cristina!If people like her and LC music,is not my problem!Why you get so angry!?!ciao-ciao
Lacuna Coil and Slipknot fuckin rock! if you really dont like them go up to the 2 people in tht picture, tell them they suck at life, tell them all ur gay little fuckin insults, stand the fucking beating slipknot will give u, live, then tell us! mabye ull earn a little respect, u fucking PUSSY!!!! go suck ur fuckin rap artist dick, and get a fuckin life bitch!
shut the fuck up with ur racist remarks! "mexican cleaning lady is" i shuld bitchslap u for tht! sum of my friends happen to be mexican. n im fuckin italian i shuld fuckin kick ur vagina bitch! n goths r ppl to scumbag! get a fuckin life dick sucker! u better hope jim root dont see this! he will fuckin destroy u! u disgusting racist dick suckin pussy!


January 2 2010, 04:48:23 UTC 7 years ago

well one thing im a mexican-american and its just wrong to judge people by race another thing i am a big fan of slipknot OH WHAT THE HELL FUCK YOU,LIKE THEY SAY SHUT YOUR MOUTH WITH A PIECE OF CRAP IF YOU DONT GOT ANYTHING TO SAY



January 9 2010, 13:14:32 UTC 7 years ago

Yeah if you don't like Lacuna Coil or Cristina so you should just don't care about them... Don't post such stupid shit on the internet! Really wanna know what YOU look like bastard! I'm from germany and LC got a few fans here... I like the music, I like Cristina so go home and fuck your mother -.-'
she has an amazing voice / he is one hell of a guitarist / who cares bout there personal lives /
Cristina Scabbia is not only very talented but one of the kindest people I know. Slipknot is not in my musical tastes but they too have earned respect.

How about you stop being such a racist jealous little pig? Feel free to go play a game of hide and go fist yourself.


February 3 2010, 13:26:07 UTC 7 years ago

Just shut the actual fuck up :L



February 4 2010, 15:43:30 UTC 7 years ago



February 4 2010, 21:12:13 UTC 7 years ago

please don't you have anything better to do in your life than this...??i've just read this ballshit and i thing that the one who wrote this, isn't better than christina scabbia.she's fine and i like her voice.there are much better voices in this world i know,but criticize someone better than you isn't a job,so come on.. admit it...you're jealous..otherwise you wouldn't have been engaged with the subject...
Lacuna Coil rocks ,,,, Slipknot Rulezz all ,,, u r the one that SUCK ... get a life u asshole .... y comparing their relation with their talent in music ,,,, !!!
This is amazing. I came across this forum on complete accident. I was actually looking up Cristina wallpaper, and had seen the pic here that this guy posted. Seems to me that jealousy and maybe a little mental retardation was the fuel behind this. Opinions, free speech, whatever is cool...fine. Honestly, relationships can sometimes affect a musicians writing. It might be good, it might be bad. I really don't hear a change that much in Jim's riffs besides natural band progression.. it does take a whole band eventually. As for Lacuna Coil, they're still writing in pretty much the same lyrical style they have been for a while. Anyway, I've been fans of Slipknot and Lacuna Coil for YEARS. Jim Root can shred the hell outta some guitar, we all know that. As for Cristina, she is gorgeous! I'm a chick and I've been playing metal music for 10 years now. It most certainly takes talent to write words, vocal patterns, and music like she does. Plus they are ITALIAN... so basically they learned a foreign language and based their band around that. She did that in her early to mid 20's. That to me takes fucking talent. Mind you that she is 38 these days. As for Gossow, shes a badass bitch herself. But whatever, I'm over it.



February 11 2010, 03:08:36 UTC 7 years ago

Wow. Just a little douchebaggedness there. Really. What, do you listen to Lil' Wayne? Justin Bieber? Taylor Swift? Nothing wrong with them, just that you sound like a stupid-ass motherfucker insulting race, talent, and other music genres.
this is not cool and i'm sorry that people started bashing on Angela Gossow but it doesn't mean she would want u to start bashing on cristina scabbia bc they are friends u know.


February 28 2010, 23:34:10 UTC 7 years ago

Don't be too rude with the person who wrote this, guys.
He's another short dick man who has no life... And honestly? From the comments it sounds like a comment a woman would write. JEALOUS.
Fuck off, whoever you are, they are happy, you're not.

Listen up


March 1 2010, 22:44:14 UTC 7 years ago

You ignorant, trash talker. People like yourself have such miserable lives, all you do is sit around and speculate absolute garbage, this supposedly makes you feel better about yourself and your life.

If you had a clue you would be lonely. In fact here is a suggestion, suicide was invented to rid the earth of scum like you - you should start practicing, and get'er done right the first time - less pain in the end.

So by the way, what is it you do with yourself except be a spectator in someone Else's life?
And you let you mom outa the house to suck cock with that mouth. You 'd be lucky to get just a whif of a piece of ass as hot as her, that is if your white jacketed ass raping nurses would let you un-glue that fat cum dripping ass of yours from the maggot infested computer chair, you meat slop, cock grab porn goo covered doritos and Sugary maggot coatted soda spill leftovers that inhabit the nooks and crannies of your wasted pie hole exisitance you admiralty of fuck-tardedness. I've stepped in shit whith a more esteemed outlook on life than you, and I can only imagine the hammer tool gangbang that would be you getting thrown from a 20 story balcony into a giant pool of slip knot fans waiting to feast on your skull fucked corpse. You say "you'd hit that", yeah if star trek transporters were a reality, and you could change dimensions maybe.. but we'd be all for it becuase you'd be someone elses bitch then. NOW stay away from flames lest ye be burned, WHEN YOU JUDGE.. SOMETIMES THE INTERNET WILL JUDGE BACK! go get your cock caught in a Ace of Base, flame boy - best of DVD, your about as metal as fucking Culture Club then you can have your mom apply some lipstick to help get it loose. Try not to suck any dick at the show! BIOTCH!


March 10 2010, 00:55:46 UTC 7 years ago

Wow....so you are kind of a douche. Who cares who is fucking who? what concern is it of yours? and I happen to think she is attractive and i dont know if you noticed but she really isn't wearing much makeup in this picture. also your post was very racist. I wont say don't post it because it's right as an american to say and write what you feel and think. However, her race has no baring on her talent. she does have talent, its in a very different way than most artists are in with her voice.
and the answer is yes!
here are some reasons why.
1) if she is fat then your a piece of shit.
2) read first reason.
3)the only instrument you can play is the skin flute and fortunately for you, your an expert. your mom told me. by the way tell her i said "the results were clear" (she knows what i'm talking about!)
4) she is an incredible singer!if she can't sing your a piece of shit.......oh wait.
5)dont be jealous that two musicians that are talented are happy. and besides hes got all his make up on he might take to some bitchs if he wasnt wearing it.
your a fucking chode and you deserve to go to hell. now go play a game of go fuck your mother. fuck you very much.



March 26 2010, 04:37:25 UTC 7 years ago

I actually think it's funny how this dude talks about people he doesn't even know. Oh well I guess people do it from time to time when they have nothing better to do. I think she has a great voice and is quite hot. I like Slipknot but their mask things do scare me, doubt I could sleep if I saw them in concert but I do love some of their music. I think I'll see Lacuna Coil in concert though since there coming to town :D By the way, I hope you feel better now that you got that off your chest. I know I feel better after saying this cause I am just that bored lol. Peace out. Oh yeh lol Goth is NOT a race...It's kinda funny you all think that though. Whatever makes ya happy. Look up the definition of race...Really, do it.
coil where shit from the start, they spent there school days being screwed silly listening to barry manilow, i bet ur white american intcha, or should i say a french leftover in da apache lands, if i was jim root id laugh at you and throw you some cash for a new face. cos ur clearly skint n lonely.... oooooh youve rattled my cage you lowly musicaly defted twat!!! coil are no comparison to the knot, one word bitch "longevity" that band will be around alot longer than your written opinions. and to cap it off, at least jim got some fuckin crotch to fuck, your tensity in this suggests high end masturbation. good for ya i love a good fuckin bean flick myself.
you shed opinions like a girl in this slag off jealous burst, arch enemy, you lesbo!!! get a fuckin fehn mask n sit on it, take it royaly up your arse end, fuck it good your a racist jealous lil weasel, arch enemy dont look like kiddy fuckers mate, they got kiddy fucked themselves listen to the lyrics in there shite, fuckin grind wannabes, from russia with no love . FUCK YOU!!
who gives a shit if you dont like them that much then why would you blog about them...your probably one of those fucked emo kids who has there hair in their face and slits their wrists all them time saying "MY LIFE SUX!!! NO ONE LIKES ME!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" do everyone a favor...go kill yourself and keep your dumbass opinions to yourself...just because you have freedom of speech doesnt mean you gotta torure people with it....
That doesn't change the fact that there are some terribly retarded fuckers that have posted in this thread.
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